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Karissa Sleeps Karissa Sleeps

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good

Now that I have watched this does it mean I will die in seven days? %uF04A I thought this was really good, the music really fitted in well. It is 12am so the sun is out, thus it did not scare me, and perhaps I should watch it alone and in the dark. One more thing, that scarykid below can shove his comment up his arse until they can do something better... well done...

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Recent Game Reviews

Town of Fears Town of Fears

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

makes you want more

I rather liked this, good plot, art and strange lively characters. Though the combat wasn't fast for such a devastating story, and one other problem I have is the beginning and the train sequence. It all starts with a fight and didn't do much to suck you into this horrid, grotesque world. Maybe you should have shown a flash back of when the investigation started? But you may have added that in later, I haven't finished it, yet, so for that I apologies.

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The Executiuoner The Executiuoner

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Blood drips how the artist fucking wants it to drip. I have seen pictures of dragons on newgrounds, but I do not care that they donâEUTMt exist. And never have I ever seen/heard a critic start by taking the piss, and ending in abuse in but one line. Seems some people have small-dick-syndrome. I love the washed, effect, blood on his arms and the layout of the picture, as if all space is perfectly used, whether that is with body parts or toast. I would love to see something in the same morbid concept, but maybe with more detail and better shades and colours... Very good though...

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PyroToaster responds:

Thanks for your critique its well appreciated